We Got Next Turns 5!


Register today for WGN Spring Breakin’!

Class space is LIMITED.
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Since 2010, the We Got Next event has developed into what is now the We Got Next Breakin’ Dance Education Program, a division of the world renowned Mighty4 Arts Foundation. WGN is now running operations in San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Dallas.

WGN is proud to have witnessed the growth of our students through the years – inspiring us to elevate our skills, and give back to our community. And for that, we’ve got a special gift just for you.

Party with us at our FREE breakin’ workshops for all ages in San Diego, and the Bay Area. Taught by Mighty4 Founder, Paulskeee (Rock Force), and Lead Teaching Artists JonnyUC (Rock Force) and Saso (Rock So Fresh).

Special thanks to the folks at The Complex SD and Filipino Advocates for Justice for generously donating their spaces for these classes!

M4AF Dallas – Bgirl Sessions


Mighty4 Arts Foundation Dallas, Texas chapter offering FREE youth Bgirl Sessions beginning February 4th. These classes are dedicated to inspiring and empowering future young Bgirls. Space is limited so if you’re interested please register at rockilldgr@yahoo.com.

M4AF: Breakin’ Classes at A Reason to Survive, San Diego


Mighty4 Arts Foundation is excited to announce our Winter 2015 breakin’ classes for high school students at A Reason to Survive in San Diego, CA! The Winter quarter is from January 12 – March 19. Classes will be taught by none other than one of San Diego’s finest, King Saso of Rock So Fresh crew!

Thanks to all for your continued support! We’re working hard to keep bringing more creative opportunities for youth in San Diego and the Bay Area so stay tuned

For more information about registration and details, email ann@mighty4.com