The return of the Out For Fame USA Breaking Championship 2012


In 1999 I had a “what if” conversation with Cros1 of Freestyle Session about producing a national championship for Breaking. Cros came up to the Bay and we brainstormed both of our contacts at the time and had 16 cities planned with east coast, midwest and west coast regionals lined up. Cros had actually came up with the name Out For Fame and it clicked automatically.


We recieved a generous sponsorship from Thud Rumble (DJ Qbert and Yogafrog) who believed in our mission as we were young at the time and in the late 90s it was unheard of to get a serious sponsorship for a tour of this nature. We pulled it off to the best of our ability.


Through that first national tour scenes that were not known at the time definitely got shine and that was our intention from the jump. Pre youtube videos, we were able to sustain and manage the tours through out the years through VHS distribution. Those OFF videos circulated worldwide letting the rest of the world know the USA was not playing when it came to Breaking.


In 2007 I had produced the last Out For Fame Championship as my direction within the culture had shifted more towards non profit community work that i felt was needed within the scene, and Cros1 had his own heavy tour schedule so we decided to make it the last year.


Today in 2012 im proud to announce Lean Rock of Boston as the official organizer for the Out For Fame USA Championship. Myself and Cros have full faith that Lean Rock will hold down our original mission for the championship and keep the fire within the USA scene lit.


With that said, thank you all for the support since OFF’s birth in 2000.


We have posted over 60 videos from 2000-2007 and will be putting up more as we acquire the footage on


Interested promoters / sponsors for the OFF 2012 year can contact Lean Rock @





Master Culture

Rock Force Crew

Mighty4 Worldwide

Universal Zulu Nation Tri-City Phunk

Out For Fame U.S.A. Championship

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