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Creatively stimulate physical, academic, and artistic potential of all youth through dance education in Breakin’.

Empowered youth inspired to make healthy decisions, positive choices, and creative impacts in the world.

We Got Next (WGN) is the Breakin (commonly referred to as “breakdancing”) dance program under Mighty4 Arts Foundation, dedicated to youth empowerment through teaching Hip Hop cultural arts, with a specific focus on dance education. We are unique from other organizations in that we are part of a global, Hip Hop cultural network with a focus on inquiry-based learning; we not only teach how, but we also teach students to ask why.

WGN aims to reach youth by providing healthy, collaborative, and engaging learning environments in the form of quarter-long class sessions, workshops, events, mentorship opportunities and more. With a founder and team that has acquired over 15 years of experience and respect from around the globe, we hope that by sharing our experiences, students will be encouraged to seek their own, and eventually pass their story on to others. They are, after all, the next generation.



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