What We Do

Always A Student Workshops

Partnering with international dancers and performers that are currently in the industry, we have hosted free workshops with Bionic Man & Kool Raul from America’s Best Dance Crew, Supreme Soul. As well as B-boy Vietnam from America’s Got Talent and a current dancer for singer/ songwriter Missy Elliott. All the dancers grew up in Union City. Photos are from dance workshops at Alvarado Middle School, Cabello Elementary School and Veterans Park all in Union City.

Mighty4 Day – Union City, CA . June

Celebrating the empowering of communities around the world through music, art and dance with an old-school park jam every June. World famous breakdancers and DJs from throughout the region came out to party, dance and have a good time at Old Alvarado Park for “Mighty4 Day” — a daylong celebration honoring the local arts foundation.

Presented with a Proclamation by Mayor Mark Green in 2012 and an inducted into the Union City Historical Museum recognizing the group’s accomplishments. Founded in 1998 in Union City, the group’s mission is to educate and empower youth by providing workshops focused on the teachings of hip-hop culture, according to founder Paul “Paulskee” Ruma.”

Mighty4 Anniversary – San Francisco, CA . October

Since 1998 Mighty4 has served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s only annual Hip Hop cultural festival which strives to unify and preserve the four cornerstones of what is known as the Hip Hop culture: Emceeing (Rap music), Writing (spraycan art), DJing, and Breakin’ (a.k.a. Breakdancing / Streetdance). Mighty4 provides Hip Hop enthusiasts and spectators of all ages with quality “edutainment” with professional to amateur level competition forums. These festival events also include featured special guest performances, cultural workshops, town hall Hip Hop discussion panels, 21+ night club events, free public park jams, and vendor market places catering to the street culture lifestyle. Founder was apart of the crew that won the last BATTLE OF THE YEAR from the United States Team, Rock Force Crew.

We Got Next Jam – Outreach Dance Program for Youth 

We Got Next believes in teaching hip hop culture as a way to empower youth and teach them the skills to become future artists. WGN provides various workshops, events, jams, and teaching opportunities with an ontological focus; we not only teach how, but we also tell them why.

By teaching the importance and role of community in the cyphers across all four elements, students leave with the right tools to truly elevate as artists Story telling is a powerful tool we use to weave all four elements of hip hop culture; we hope that by sharing our experiences, students will be encouraged to seek their own, and eventually pass their story on to others. They are, afterall, the next generation.